First Look: Viking Solutions Gong Pistol/Rifle Target

posted on November 9, 2018
While many shooters enjoy the versatile and reusable design of steel targets, which offer instant impact feedback both audibly and visually, consumers often struggle to find affordable targets that can be easily deployed and remain secured into place on the range. Viking Solutions continues to work in providing durable, affordable and easily usable steel targets for range training, and the company's latest product is its Gong Pistol/Rifle Target.

“We are providing a high-quality target capable of handling pistol or rifle loads,” Viking Solutions President John Woller Jr. said. “So now, you can set up the Gong Pistol/Rifle Target Combo quickly and easily, get your practice in and increase your confidence in shooting with your handgun.”

Unlike other steel targets that require staking a steel base into the ground for security, the Viking Solutions Gong Target ships with a wide base that sets up easily on any terrain. This provides added versatility when compared to other target bases, because the base can sit on ground that might otherwise be too soft or hard for a driven stake.

At the center of the base, a spinning bar measuring 20 inches in length secures two plates in place, each on opposite sides of the spinning bar. Both plates are made from 3/8-inch AR500 steel. The largest plate measures 5 inches in diameter, and the smaller plate measures 3 inches in diameter. The base is finished with a powder-coated treatment that protects the unit from corrosion for years of dependable service.

Upon impact, a bullet will spin the plates around the center bar, providing a clear, visual indication to the shooter that they've impacted the target, no matter the distance. The crossed bar sits 25 inches from ground level, and the two target plates measure 12 inches apart. Both targets are rated for use with all large-caliber pistols and can also handle most centerfire rifles. Viking Solutions warns consumers to ensure that, upon impact, a bullet's velocity measures less than 3,000 fps in order to prevent damage to the plates. For most rifles, this means a minimum target distance of 100 yards.

Each Viking Solutions Gong Pistol/Rifle Target, along with the target base, sells for a suggested retail price of $49.99.


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