Sheriff Jim Wilson

Stress And Fine Motor Skills

A little bit of pressure can make the simplest of tasks seem very difficult.

Default Skills

"But I already know how to shoot," you say. Okay, what does that actually mean?

Proactive Movement

In the world of executive protection, professional agents are trained to move and shoot while simultaneously protecting one or more human lives from an active threat. What are the essential elements of a live-fire, protective-movement engagement you should know if you find yourself in a similar situation while protecting others?

How to Define a Beginner

Learn how to assess and maintain your defensive-marksmanship skills so they are more than adequate.

Which Comes First? Gun Handling or Hitting the Target?

Is it the arrow or the archer that makes the shot? 

Building Confidence

Your comfort level with your gun is readily apparent to everyone around you.

Former JSOC General Scott Miller Joins SIG Sauer

Miller will serve as Defense Advisor, assisting in the rollout of the Next Generation Squad Weapons and other projects.

Making The Long Distance Pistol Shot

If you can make the shot at longer distances, you'll be able to make the shot close in as well.

Selecting The Right Firearms Instructor

There are more and more firearms instructors out there. How do you chose the one that's right for you?

Making The First Shot

Making that first hit on-target is vitally important, no matter if it's in a competition or in defense of your life.

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