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Do You Need Snap Caps For Dry Fire Practice?

Having two six-shot revolvers—one with a transfer bar and one without—are snap caps needed for dry firing either one or both?

Rifle Roundup: FN America FN15 Guardian Rifle With A Swampfox TriHawk Optic

And we’ll honing our rifle skills by using the Mantis Blackbeard dry fire training system.

Skills Check: Rifle Mini-Navy Drill

Time to put your skills with a long gun to the test.

Learning How To Shoot A Revolver

The wheelgun might not be the number choice out there right now, but that doesn't mean it's a bad choice.

The 50 Round Practice Session

Sharpen your pistol skills without emptying your wallet.

Review: MantisX Laser Academy Portable Training Kit

A simple way to make dry fire more fun and more effective.

Dry Practice: The Path to Competence and Confidence

Improve your marksmanship skills without spending a penny on ammo.

Review: Mantis Blackbeard X Training System

Hone your AR skills without leaving your home.

The Cardinal Rules of Defensive Shotgunning

In baseball, there are cardinal rules that every player learns from a good coach: Never strike out looking, never give up a walk with two outs if you’re a pitcher and never be the first or third out at third base—that sort of thing. In defensive shotgunning, there are also some hard rules to which shooters should adhere.

Handbook: One-Handed Shooting

I believe, and we validate this through our training, there are essential skills a shooter must develop to be well-rounded, a generalist when it comes to being prepared for a deadly force encounter.

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