gun on paper target

Skills Check: Rifle Mini-Navy Drill

Time to put your skills with a long gun to the test.

What’s Your Stance on That?

Shots on-target are more important than how you stand.

Rifle Roundup: Rock River Arms LEF-T AR-15 With A Primary Arms GLX 1-6x Optic

We've added an angled foregrip for safety and convenience.

Head Down, Follow-Through

Resist the urge to stick your head up—you’re a shooter, not a prairie dog.

Learning How To Shoot A Revolver

The wheelgun might not be the number choice out there right now, but that doesn't mean it's a bad choice.

Review: CZ Shadow 2 Pistol

A competition-focused pistol built on a winning tradition.

August Is National Shooting Sports Month

Let freedom ring at a shooting range near you.

Reactive vs. Predictive Shooting

Most shooters believe the shooting process consists of simply aiming and pressing a trigger. What if you were to learn that there might be a high-octane additive to that process? Why is reactive shooting versus predictive shooting such a hot topic among high-performance shooters?

Firing Fibonacci

Change up your drill routine with this unique series.

More Thoughts On The Defensive Shotgun

Good training and good technique makes the scattergun even more effective.

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