hand shooting north south east and west

Skills Check: The Compass Drill

North, South, East, West; keep practicing to shoot your best.

Resolve To Improve

This year, resolve to improve your self defense skills.

The Secrets to Shooting Micro Compact Pistols

Trouble shooting small guns? Here are some tips to help you improve.

Front Sight vs Target Focus

See enough of your sights to make the shot.

Hornady Sets Dates for 2023 Zombies in the Heartland 3-Gun Match

Contestants will need more than just brains to shoot this match.

Finding The Best Shooting Mat

When out in the field, a shooting mat makes a world of difference—but which is best?

Mastering Follow-Through and Your Grip

For us, drill practice is when we isolate an individual part of a skill and focus intently on improving or mastering it. The goal with good drill practice is to maximize overall improvement while minimizing overall effort or time, talent and treasure. In our classes, there is ample opportunity for students to self-reflect on their performance.

Coming to a Range Near You

Localized range events sponsored by major players in the firearm industry are bringing products directly to the people.

Creep Control

Keep a steady hold on your gun as you move the trigger.

Skills Check: Single-Hand Stackup

Can you respond to a potential threat while shooting one-handed?

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