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Sheriff Jim Wilson

Disparity of Force

Lethal force comes in all shapes and sizes.

Visual Process

Let your eyes fire the gun.

Essential Concealed Carry Accessories

There's more to protecting yourself than just carrying a gun.

The Age-Old Debate

Are revolvers out of date? Not hardly, says Sheriff Jim.

The Classics: Mauser C78 Revolver

Mauser’s “Zig-Zag” revolver offered a different take on Samuel Colt’s best-known invention.

The Beginner's Guide To Defensive Knives

Too close for guns. Time for Plan B.

Pistol Standards: Delta 2

Drill practice involves isolating an individual part of a skill and focusing intently on improving or mastering it.

Reloading On The Fly

No reloading technique seems fast enough when bullets are flying, but a few simple gadgets may accelerate the process.

Tech Wisdom: Plastic Training Ammunition?

A gun show trip turns up to be an unusual kind of training ammunition. 

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