At the Range: Viking Solutions Complete Target System

posted on August 9, 2018
Shooting steel provides a lot of benefits to firearm enthusiasts, offering up instantaneous shot feedback and providing a target that holds up for years of shooting. However, many companies on the market offer AR500 steel targets themselves but leave the consumer without any extra help in hanging the steel at their range. Rather than forcing you to wade through your local hardware store, Viking Solutions came up with a different solution: Why not just offer a total target package? That's exactly what's offered in the company's Complete Target System.

As shown in the video above, the Viking Solutions Complete Target System ships with an AR500 steel plate, which is rated for use up to .30-caliber centerfire rifles at a minimum safe distance of 100 yards. The target gongs can be had in either 6-, 8- or 10-inch diameters, depending on user preference. What makes the Complete Target System stand out in the market, though, is the inclusion of the company's target stand in the package. Made from powder-coated steel for durability, this stand includes a standing frame complete with chains and fasteners, giving shooters a complete set-up they can take with them to the range.

When first assembling the Viking Solutions Complete Target System, consumers will spend about 10 minutes tightening all the nuts and bolts and getting things torqued and put into place. Once all of the first-time assembly is out of the way, however, the whole package breaks down into a flat, transportable system that users can toss into the trunk of their vehicle. Once at the range, the two legs pop right into the center beam holding the dangling gong into place, and the system is shoot-ready in seconds. Best off all, retail prices on the package start at just $64.99.

For more details on the Viking Solutions Complete Target System, check out our range video above.


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