First Look: CTS 2X4 Spike Pro AR500 Target Kit

posted on December 21, 2017
Gun enthusiasts don't want to spend a lot of money on things that are going to be shot. Paper, polymer and bottles typically end up as fare for fodder, while expensive steel targets are left to "guntry" club ranges and competition shoots. With the CTS 2X4 Spike Pro AR500 Target Kit, now there's an inexpensive option for everyday shooters looking to ring range steel.

The CTS Target system ships with a ground spike, 3/8-inch AR500 steel target, hanger and the required assembly hardware. In the interests of cost-reduction, owners must supply an inexpensive, readily available length of 2X4 lumber to complete the target setup.

To make it ready for use, simply insert the 2X4 section into the steel ground spike, tighten the included screw to secure the wood into the base, assemble the steel target to the 2X4 steel topper, and use the included knob to tighten the plate holder to the top of the wood. At the range, all that's needed is to drive the spike base into the ground at your desired distance, and two horizontal studs allow for users to add their body weight to the downward force driving the spike into hard ground. Once it's seated, the target's ready to shoot.

The CTS 2X4 Spike Pro AR500 Target Kit is available with 6-, 8- or 10-inch steel plates, all of which are cut from 3/8-inch thick steel plate that's rated for rifle and pistol use. The plates are rated for use on any pistol calibers at a minimum distance of 15 yards, and CTS says the steel is rifle-rated up to long arms chambered in .30-06 at a minimum distance of 100 yards. Shooters should take care to never allow a bullet traveling more than 3,000 fps to strike the steel in order to avoid damage.

The target set-up provides a number of benefits to the casual shooter. Steel targets offer flexibility in terms of setup and situational positioning, allowing for a range of uses. The instant visual and audible feedback from shots hitting steel lets shooters know they've made a good hit without having to check targets. Eight-foot lengths of 2X4 lumber is available for only a few dollars at large home-improvement stores, allowing shooters to have replacements on hand or even different lengths for varied target scenarios.

All the steel components used in the CTS Targets 2X4 Spike Pro AR500 Target Kit are made in the USA and includes a thick powder-coat finish for added durability in outdoor environments. The suggested retail price on the kit is $89.99.


Sheriff Jim Wilson
Sheriff Jim Wilson

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