First Look: Magpul Protective Eyewear

posted on July 17, 2018
From the start, Magpul focused on creating products that enhanced the capabilities of individuals operating in real-world conditions, from the first Magpul magazine-assist tab mounted on the bottom of an AR magazine to the company's line of rifle-specific furniture products introduced in recent years. Now, with the launch of Magpul Protective Eyewear, the company provides personalized eye protection in the form of three different models.

The first model released in Magpul's eyewear lineup is the Terrain, built as the toughest option for consumers who demand the highest levels of durability from their protective gear. The frame is molded from TR90NZZ, which is the strongest thermoplastic available on the market today. Lenses used in the Terrain are Z87+ rated for ballistic protection, providing protection against high-speed impacts. Specialized coatings drive away water, oil, dust and dirt, and the glasses are also designed to reduce glare when confronted by bright sunlight.

Other features of the Terrain line of eyewear include anti-slip nose and temple pads complete with overmolded rubber, so these glasses won't slip off the face, even when users are knocked around in rugged environments. A number of lens options are available in the lineup, with different polarization, color and mirror features from which to choose. Options in the Terrain lineup start at $149.

Also available in the eyewear lineup is the Magpul Summit. Like the Terrain, the Summit is constructed with a high-strength thermoplastic frame, as well as ballistic- and MILPRF-rated Z87+ lenses that protect against high-velocity impacts. However, the Summit is built on a slightly smaller frame than the Terrain, making it suited for use on small-to-medium size faces. The Terrain, by comparison, is best-suited for medium-to-large size faces. Additionally, the Summit also offers the same oil-, dust- and water-repellent lens coating as the Terrain and also guards against glare. The Summit also starts at a suggested retail price of $149.

For those who still want a certain level of ballistic-impact protection in their eyewear but prefer a more-stylish, casual option for daily use, the Magpul Explorer is the third offering in the company's eyewear lineup. The frame used in Explorer models is still strong enough to handle hard use, having been constructed from the same thermoplastic material as the other two offerings in the lineup. However, the lenses used in the Explorer are Z87.1 rated against ballistic-impact protection. This still guards against unexpected impacts, but the material isn't as strong as the lenses used in both the Terrain and Summit.

Each Explorer model still ships with the same level of protection against oil, water and dust and is treated to reduce glare when out and about in the field. The glasses also provide rubber-coated nose and temple pads designed to prevent slippage and can be had with polarized or non-polarized lenses. All the models in the Magpul lineup are designed for comfortable use with ear protection, making them a great option for use on the range. The suggested retail price on the Explorer starts at $139.


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