First Look: ESS Shooting Glasses

New styles and new camouflage patterns now available.

posted on March 27, 2024
ESS glasses

ESS, Eye Safety Systems is a subsidiary of Oakley sunglasses and an official U.S. military supplier of safety eyewear including the U.S. Marine Corps and other DoD entities. Now ESS has begun to offer selected safety glasses and sunglasses in its current collection in a Realtree MAX 7 camouflage pattern for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. The new Realtree MAX 7 pattern was created with waterfowl hunters in mind. Compared to other types of game, migratory waterfowl have extremely keen eyesight and the ability for hunters to blend into their blinds and surrounding environment is crucial to waterfowl hunting success.  

All pairs of ESS safety glasses have ballistic-grade lenses that comply with both strict US Military specifications and ANSI Z87.1-2020 specifications.

“At ESS, we merge innovation with tradition, crafting eyewear that not only protects but also celebrates the spirit of the hunt. Our collaboration with Realtree brings the essence of the wild to life, empowering hunters to blend seamlessly with their environment while embodying the resilience and stealth required in the pursuit of their passion,” Teagen Palmer, ESS marketing and accounts coordinator, said.

Across the different models available with the Realtree MAX 7 waterfowling pattern, frames share a degree of interchangeability between their respective frames while wearers have different lens tint options that include: Smoke Gray, Clear, High Definiton Copper or Mirrored Copper (depending on the specific model). Among the ESS Crossblade series, all Crossblade lenses and frames are cross compatible and interchangeable with other ESS manufactured and designed eyeshields.  

The collection of ESS glasses sold with the Realtree MAX 7 camouflage pattern includes the:

  • ESS Crossblade STD
  • ESS Crossblade Naro Realtree eyeshield
  • ESS Rollbar sunglasses
  • ESS Crowbar Realtree MAX 7 sunglasses

To learn more about Eye Safety Systems and its entire catalog protective eyewear, please visit


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