First Look: Bushnell Performance Eyewear

Impact-resistant and stylish, from one of America’s most-recognized optics brands.

posted on July 8, 2022
Bushnell Eyewear

Bushnell Performance Optics is expanding their product line from selling riflescopes, electronic red dot sights, and shooting optics accessories into the high-end sunglasses and shooting glasses market segment. Bushnell Performance Optics is partnering with the Italian eyewear firm and manufacturer Mirage Occhiali in order to launch their new product line with a wide selection of shooting glasses in addition to fashion, lifestyle, and sport sunglasses. All Bushnell Performance Optics eyewear is also manufactured in Italy and pairs include high-quality polycarbonate lenses.

The Bushnell Performance Eyewear Spring and Summer Collection features around thirty different pairs of sunglasses. There are full-fledged, high-performance shooting glasses with ANSI impact rated Z87.1 polycarbonate photochromic lenses, such as the Pro Ultra Falcon or Pro Ultra Harrier models. There are also half frame or full frame options with contemporary styling elements. Photocrhomic lenses are lenses that adjust to the ambient light: they either darken in bright daylight or become brighter in overcast or lower light scenarios. Many of Bushnell’s Performance Eyewear pairs are designed around active outdoor lifestyles: be it spending time cycling, golfing, fishing, driving or any other activity where a pair of sunglasses might augment the enjoyment of an activity by providing protection from harmful UV rays.

The lens on certain models are polarized and come in color options that provide enhanced contrast and depth perception to the wearer—something that is attractive to those who spend a lot of time over water fishing or boating—or for those who spend time the roads driving. Virtually all of the pairs of eyewear on the catalog also have hydro-olephobic resistant coatings on their lens. That is to say, they repel water, moisture from fog, and dust. They also diminish smudgy fingerprints and make wiping a breeze.    

Bushnell Performance Optics sunglasses and shooting glasses are available for sale on Amazon’s website. For more information on Bushnell eyewear and to see their entire Spring and Summer 2022 collection, please visit their website at For more information on Mirage Occhiali, please visit their website at


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