Gear for your first class

Preparing for a Basic Pistol Class

Show up with the right gear and the right attitude.

First Look: Safariland Liberator Hearing Protection

Limited-edition electronic hearing protection for we the people.

First Look: Walker’s Disrupter Electronic Ear Buds

Bluetooth compatible and capable of 29 dB of noise reduction. 

First Look: Radians Vertex Corded Bluetooth Earbuds

Enjoy your life while preserving your hearing.

Clearing Up Gas Guns

Burning powder, hot particles and noxious gases have been jetting into shooters’ faces since the first brave souls thrust red-hot wires or matches toward the touchholes of thick-walled, cast-metal tubes packed with powder and projectiles.

The Rest Of Gun Safety

Good eye and ear protection are must-haves when shooting.

Safety Glasses with Style

There’s a ton of science that goes into protecting your precious eyesight.

Proactive Movement

In the world of executive protection, professional agents are trained to move and shoot while simultaneously protecting one or more human lives from an active threat. What are the essential elements of a live-fire, protective-movement engagement you should know if you find yourself in a similar situation while protecting others?

First Look: Field Ears Electronic Ear Plugs

Lightweight, in-ear electronic hearing protection.

Revision Military I-Vis Eye Protection Review

Tune your eye protection to your environment with Revision’s new I-Vis system.

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