First Look: Galco UnderWraps Elite Belly Band

Carry your defensive firearm when you can't carry in a conventional manner.

posted on April 22, 2024
Galco Underwraps Elite

Carrying a defensive firearm is easier to accomplish for some people than others. Conventional holsters rely on some form of belt attachment, which works well if you wear clothing that has belt loops. However, that’s not always the case, which means you need an alternative means of carrying your gun. For many people, the easiest way of doing that is a belly band, which tucks a pistol into an elastic wrap that goes around the midsection and is hidden by a cover garment.

Galco has updated the traditional belly band to allow for the concealed carry of a handgun and accessories around the midsection in a variety of configurations. The UnderWraps Elite belly band can be worn low on the waistline, partially under the belt line our just above it., like a traditional belly band or it can be worn around the torso’s mid-section in the solar plexus area.

The UnderWraps Elite includes a single holster component that can be placed almost anywhere along the belly band. The holster uses an adjustable internal welt to securely and safely accommodate hundreds of different handguns, including guns with most carry-size, red-dot optics. The adjustable and reversible holster component can accommodate either right or left-hand draw, and the holster’s cant is also adjustable to accommodate strongside, crossdraw or appendix carry.

Accessory pockets accommodate spare ammo, flashlight, badge, wallet, or other EDC items. The UnderWraps Elite’s elasticized nylon band is secured with hook-and-loop fasteners and offers breathable comfort for easy all-day carry.

The Underwraps Elite is available in black or khaki and fits a large variety of common carry pistol. MSRP for the wrap is $106. Visit for more information on this holster or other products from Galco holsters.


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