First Look: Galco Under Wraps Elite Belly Band Holster

An updated version of a popular alternate carry holster.

posted on May 25, 2023
Galco Underwraps

Galco Holsters is now selling the Under Wraps Elite, an updated take on the traditional belly band holster. 

The Galco Under Wraps Elite belly band holster allows the user a near infinite number of positions along the band portion of the holster where they can affix the included holster. The Galco Under Wraps Elite can be worn like a traditional belly band, either low on the waistline, partially under the belt line or just above it. However, this system can also be worn around mid-section of the torso or the solar plexus area, depending on specific and contextual concealment requirements. 

The Under Wraps Elite’s single holster uses an adjustable internal welt to securely and safely accommodate hundreds of different handguns, including those with most carry style slide mounted red dot electronic sights. The adjustable/reversible holster component accommodates right or left hand draw. The holster’s cant is also adjustable to accommodate strongside, crossdraw or appendix carry. The Under Wraps Elite’s accessory pockets can accommodate a wide variety of tactical and ordinary EDC items as well, such as spare magazines, ammunition, flashlights, badges, wallets, pepper spray, EDC folding knives, IDs or almost any other small item.  

The internal welt of the leather holster allows it to be compatible with nearly every type of compact or sub compact concealed carry pistol or revolver on the market. This EDC concealment right will work with everything from a classic five-shot J-frame Smith & Wesson revolver to the latest 9mm polymer pistol.

The Under Wraps Elite comes in four sizes: Small, for waist sizes 30 to 34 inches, Medium, for waist  sizes 36 to 40 inches, Large, for waist sizes 42 to 46 inches and XL, for waist sizes 48 to 52 inches.

Galco Under Wraps Elite Features:

  • Elasticized nylon band
  • Leather holster component with adjustable internal welt
  • Accessory pockets for EDC items
  • Accommodates strongside, crossdraw and appendix carry
  • Reversible for ambidextrous use

Please visit to learn more about the Under Wraps Elite concealment system or other products from Galco USA. 


Sheriff Jim Wilson
Sheriff Jim Wilson

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