New For 2022: Galco UnderWraps Elite

Galco’s new UnderWraps Elite band system offers more options than any other holster design currently on the market.

posted on January 21, 2022
Galco UnderWraps Elite CCW Holster System

Galco’s new UnderWraps Elite offers more options than any other holster design currently on the market.

The company’s new update of the traditional bellyband allows concealed carry of a handgun and accessories around your midsection, in a nearly infinite variety of configurations. It can be worn like a traditional belly band (low on the waistline, partially under the belt line or just above it) or it can be worn around the torso’s mid-section (the solar plexus area).

The UnderWraps Elite includes a single holster component that can be placed anywhere along the belly band. The holster itself uses an adjustable, internal welt to securely and safely accommodate hundreds of different handguns, including those with most carry-style red-dot optics. In addition to being adjustable and reversible, the holster component accommodates right-or left-hand draw for greater versatility. Holster cant is also adjustable to accommodate strongside, crossdraw or appendix carry.

Accessory pockets accommodate spare ammunition, a flashlight, a badge, a wallet or other EDC items. Securing with hook-and-loop fasteners, the UnderWraps Elite’s elastic nylon band offers breathable comfort for nearly effortless all-day carry.

Available colors include black or khaki. MSRP: $82


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