Review: CrossBreed Modular Belly Band Package 2.0

The Crossbreed Belly Band 2.0 holster gives you the comfort of a belly band with the security and safety of a kydex shell.

posted on July 16, 2022
Crossbreed belly band 2.0 review

While CrossBreed did not invent the belly band, it did raise the industry standard for what belly bands should be with the introduction of the original Modular Belly Band several years ago. The introduction of a Kydex holster onto a carry system that traditionally relied on soft polyester pouches to secure the gun improved carry safety by offering a solid shell, form-fit to the gun, just like a traditional IWB (Inside the Waistband) holster. The advantage of a Kydex shell over a polyester pouch are many, the main ones being the gun is better protected and secured, and you can reholster one-handed. Unfortunately, most belly bands don’t let you do that.

CrossBreed upped the ante again with the Modular Belly Band Package 2.0. The band still comes with a Kydex holster molded to your gun make and model. It still features hook and loop field attachments for the holster as a part of the modular holster system that lets you move the holster to other products such as the Pac Mat and Bedside Backup. And it still gives you almost infinite carry position options, front, side, and rear.

belly band holster

But, this belly band is much more comfortable than the older version. It also features built-in pouches that are missing from the original, including two spare magazine pouches on the outside and a cell phone holder on the inside. This setup is great for running, walking, working out, or just wearing an outfit that doesn’t allow a traditional belt carry option.

Speaking of athletics, working out stinks because you sweat a lot if you do it right. The Belly Band 2.0 is constructed from antimicrobial polyester that CrossBreed claims will stand up to 25 hand washes while maintaining the anti-stink characteristics.

When I strapped on the sample holster that CrossBreed sent, I could tell an immediate difference between the original version and the new one. I like the original. It’s comfortable and works well, but the 2.0 has an added comfort level thanks to the upgraded band material. It’s softer yet feels stronger, with a bit more stretchiness that helps mold comfortably around the waist. The Kydex holster pouch stayed secure throughout the day after multiple practice draws and reholsters. I never felt like it would separate from its loop field.

The mag pouches are generous enough for large double stack magazines yet elastic enough to securely tuck a slim single stacker inside. Mine was for the Taurus GX4, my occasional carry gun, with stubby double stack mags. They slid in easily and stayed secure all day.

The Modular Belly Band Package 2.0 is available for about a gazillion makes and models of guns (yes, that’s a scientific measurement), so finding one for your carry gun will probably not be a problem. And at $74.95 from CrossBreed’s website, paying for it won’t be a problem either, as this is right in the sweet spot of top-quality Kydex holster carry systems.


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