Holster Review: Crossbreed Bedside Backup

posted on July 4, 2020

You’re sound asleep, the kids are tucked in, the dog is snoozing on the floor on your wife’s side of the bed, and all is quiet except for your incessant snoring, which by now your wife has learned to sleep through. You promised her that one day you’d see the doctor about it, but so far it hasn’t happened.

Suddenly you’re jolted awake by breaking glass. It sounded like a living room window. Your wife heard it too, as did the dog, and now you’re all on high alert. Instinctively, you grab the tactical flashlight off your nightstand in one hand and reach down the side of the mattress and retrieve the gun out of your handy Crossbreed Bedside Backup. Now you’re ready to face whatever threat just entered your home.

A home invasion can happen nearly instantaneously. One minute, you’re safe and sound and the next minute you’re scrambling for your defensive arm and whatever else you need to stop the threat. The Crossbreed Bedside Backup puts the firearm within easy reach in a custom-molded holster specifically designed for your pistol. You just reach down and draw.

The Bedside Backup starts with two flat 1/8-inch thick plastic pieces that interlock perpendicularly to create a T form. The first piece is a 13-inch-long unadorned sheet that slips between your mattress and box spring to keep the unit secure. The other is covered in a loop field that allows for easy installation of the included hook-backed kydex holster for your firearm. As part of Crossbreed’s modular system, the holster that comes with the Bedside Backup also works in the Belly Band, the Pac Mat and the rest of its modular offerings.

This system is extremely versatile and easy to use. No matter which side of the bed you sleep on and regardless of whether you’re a lefty or righty, you can adjust the system to fit your needs. One note to keep in mind, however, is that this is not designed to be permanent storage for your gun. It is not secure nor locking. If you have kids or others in the house whom you don’t want to access your gun, put it away in a secure location such as a safe when not in use.

The entire Bedside Backup system comes with the frame and a kydex holster molded to your firearm—and Crossbreed has a plethora of gun molds—for $62.95. If you already have a Crossbreed hook-backed holster from another part of its modular system and want to use it for both, you can buy just the frame for $24.95. Either way, it’s money well spent on a great way to keep your firearm handy for that mysterious bump in the night.


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