First Look: New Galco Holsters for the Ruger Max-9

posted on April 5, 2021

Galco is introducing a wide range of holsters for the Ruger Max-9 pistol, giving you several different ways to carry this new defensive pistol with you on a day in, day out basis.  

Max-9 compatible Outside The Waistband (OWB) holsters from Galco include the popular Fletch model that has a retention strap along with a reinforced thumb brea and butt-forward cant and hybrid TacSlide. Both of these holsters fit belts up to 1¾-inch width.  

Inside the Waistband (IWB) designs from Galco for the Max-9 include the Scout 3.0 that is cant-adjustable for a faster draw and more comfortable carry, as well as the new and easy to carry QuickTuk Cloud, with it’s hybrid ballistic nylon front over closed cell foam construction with Comfort Cloth lining. 

The versatile Speed Master 2.0 is also available for the Max-9 and includes interchangeable belt slot and paddle attachments for maximum versatility. In addition to this, the belt slot on the Speed Master 2.0 is adjustable for belt width and ride height, giving you even more carry options.

If covert carry is your priority, the smaller size of the Max-9 makes it a good candidate for Galco’s Pocket Protector pocket holster. In addition to this, the versatile and comfortable UnderWraps 2.0 belly band gives you another carry option for your Max-9 when being discreet is of utmost importance.

If you’re looking at off body carry, Galco also offers women’s holster handbags, as well day planners with a built-in holster. Lastly, if you need to carry more ammo with you than the generous amount inside the magazine of a Max-9, Galco also makes a variety of ammo carriers for the Max-9. 

More information on these holsters for the Ruger Max-9 and other products from Galco is available at


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