Review: Weber Tactical Trifecta IWB/OWB Holster

posted on August 1, 2020

We’ve all seen convertible holsters, but up until Adam Weber gave me his company’s Trifecta, I had never seen a convertible holster quite like this.

Typical convertible holsters are a compromise, often a less-than-ideal one. They work awesome for one application but not quite as well for another. Usually, the “convertible” part is very basic, just a matter of taking clips off the front or back and placing them on the other side so your belt runs either in front of or behind the holster, magically making the holster go from OWB to IWB or vice versa. However, many times the holster isn’t really designed to work well as either.

But Weber Tactical took a different approach with the Trifecta, one that I’ve never seen before. Maybe you have. If so, add it to the comments.

Instead of forcing one mold to work as both IWB and OWB, Weber started with an excellent IWB Kydex taco shell design, a steel belt clip, and a removable claw with two sizing plates. The top has a slight taper for easy reholstering, and the claw screws double as the retention adjustment points. Not a big fan of claws? Just take it off and replace the retention screws.

By itself, this would make an excellent holster for strong side or appendix carry IWB. It makes even a Glock 17 want to hide inside your shirt. Ask me how I know. (Or look at the picture of my G17 inside the holster above.)

But here is where the Trifecta name comes in. Not only is it a great IWB (first fecta) and appendix (second fecta) holster, it also includes an entirely different shell that converts it into an OWB (the third fecta). To convert into an OWB, simply remove the claw and belt clip and overlay the outside shell on top of the taco shell and replace the claw screws so you can still adjust the retention. Total conversion time: under 5 minutes.

Now, before it sounds like I’m all giddy about this conversion (though I have to say it’s pretty slick), the design does have one minor flaw. While the IWB and appendix part is completely ambidextrous—just flip the clip and claw to the pre-drilled holes on the other side—the OWB shell had to be lefty or righty to make it work. There was just no way around it. Thankfully, Weber anticipated this and lets you order left or right on the website. Again, it’s a minor inconvenience, not a big deal.

Once the OWB conversion is done, the holster operates like a charm. Draws and holsters are quick and precise, and the belt clips do a great job snugging the holster up against the side. And the whole system is very comfortable.

At $84, the price falls right in line with other IWB and OWB Kydex holsters. And it’s a solid two-for-one deal since you kinda get two holsters for the price of one.



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