Review: CrossBreed DropSlide OWB Holster

posted on May 8, 2021

What do you do if you want a tight-to-the-body OWB for concealed carry but don’t like how high most OWBs ride on your belt? Maybe the height bothers you because it’s just a little too close to your elbow on the draw. In that case, the CrossBreed DropSlide OWB Holster might be a good choice.

The DropSlide OWB Holster continues the CrossBreed signature hybrid design by riveting a molded Kydex shell to a choice of two leather backers: horsehide or cowhide, depending on whether you want the lighter tan or traditional black. There is a third option they call Founder’s leather, which is a darker brown. The Kydex is also available in five color options: standard black, FDE, sniper grey, OD green, or Tiffany blue.

The backer has two 1.75-inch belt slits wide enough to accommodate just about any good gun belt, from nylon to leather, making the holster easy to take on and off and eliminating the need to select a belt width when ordering.

For the sample they sent me, I chose cowhide with standard black because I wanted the holster to be all one color. Personal preference. You can choose whatever combination you like.

My sample arrived just in time to use in a pistol class I was teaching. I strapped on the holster and the Springfield Hellcat RDP it was designed for and headed to the range. While I always open carry at the range, especially when teaching, I prefer to conceal on the way to and from, so I threw on a hoodie for the drive. The holster kept the gun tight against my side all the way. The same holster, by the way, also works for the standard Hellcat without the compensator since it is an open-bottom design.

During class, I drew the gun several times as I demonstrated draw techniques and drills. Each time the gun came out quickly and smoothly and went back in the same. Retention was firm and solid, with an audible click. The cut of the Kydex shell allows for a full grip on the draw.

The CrossBreed DropSlide OWB Holster is available for a variety of guns from a ton of manufacturers and accommodates a range of sizes from full-size to subcompact. CrossBreed has long been known as the go-to if you happen to have an odd gun that isn’t made any more. I’ve gone to them a couple of times with unusual requests, and each time they had what I needed.

At $51.95, the CrossBreed DropSlide OWB Holster is available for lefties and righties and cut for most standard red dots.


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