Review: CrossBreed Hybrid ST2 IWB Holster

posted on February 20, 2021

CrossBreed has long been a pioneer of the hybrid holster. In fact, they are probably the most well-respected hybrid maker on the market. Pretty much everything they make, with a few exceptions, is a combination of leather backer and Kydex molded shell front. So when they sent me the Hybrid ST2 IWB Holster to try with my Glock 17, I wasn’t surprised by how much I liked it.

Now, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. No holster is without its flaws. But, here are my overall thoughts on it.

As always, CrossBreed nailed the out-of-the-box presentation. If you’ve ever ordered a holster from their website, you know what I’m talking about. Fabric bag, tiny leather conditioning bottle, etc. Even though I have multiple CrossBreed rigs, this presentation always impresses me.

The Hybrid ST2 IWB Holster starts with CrossBreed’s signature Combat Cut black cowhide backer with a tall sweat guard that sits almost a full 3 inches above the top of the shell. The ST2 in the name stands for Super Tuck 2, which is the new version of CrossBreed’s tried-and-true Super Tuck series that’s been around for years. The idea behind it is that the clips are slim and discreet and allow you to tuck your shirt in behind them if you need a more polished look, such as wearing a suit.

The "2" part of the ST2 is where this version differentiates itself from its older brother. Following the trend in gun ownership, the ST2 comes with a cut in the front to allow for your favorite red dot. Since more shooters and gun companies are opting to add red dots to their guns, this is a smart move. The greater adoption of red dots isn’t a passing fad. It’s here to stay and growing. So holster companies that don’t respond will be left behind. It’s nice to see CrossBreed building the red-dot cut into the ST2.

Drawing and reholstering with the ST2 is easy and confident. The gun comes out and slide back in with authority and stays firmly inside throughout the day.

I said it wasn’t perfect though, right? One of my pet peeves about hybrid holsters—CrossBreed is by no means the only offender here, and many people actually prefer it—is the dual clip system. I get why they do it: to spread the weight of the gun across a wider swath of belt, thus minimizing pull down and improving comfort. But it makes putting the holster on and taking it off a bit more challenging than single clip system. Is this a deal killer? Do I think the holster is unusable because of this? Of course not. It’s an excellent holster designed for maximum comfort and carryability, and many people will appreciate the dual clip system.  

At $69.95, the CrossBreed Hybrid ST2 IWB is a comfortable, well-priced option that holds up to everyday use.


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