In-Hand Review: Otis Patriot Cleaning Kit

posted on May 11, 2017
For 2017, Otis Technology introduced its latest cleaning kit, the Patriot Series, designed as a go-to essential kit for a single caliber of rifle, pistol or shotgun. The new kit features a number of must-have tools for basic firearm maintenance.

The kit Shooting Illustrated received is designed to clean 9 mm/.38-caliber handguns and came packaged in a sturdy plastic case with a hinged snap-lock lid. Inside the case, every component of the 12-piece kit had a molded-out section for easy storage, ensuring that shooters can keep the kit easily stored and organized until use.

One of the stand-out features of the kit is the inclusion of the company's T-Handle tool, which features multiple functions. First, the tool comes with four different drive bits for firearm maintenance: 5/32 Hex, T20 Hex, Phillips No. 0 and Phillips No. 2. The tool can be used as a T-handle for the included cleaning cable, as well as a rod handle for the included brass cleaning rods.

The kit includes an 8-inch length of the company's Memory-Flex cleaning cable, which allows users to properly clean the gun from breech to muzzle to avoid damage. The cable features a special coating that prevents damage while being pulled through the gun bore. 

The Patriot Series kit also includes a single 9 mm brass-bristled bore brush, constructed with a corrosive-resistant core and featuring twice the number of bristles, as well as a tighter twist, than other options on the market. A 9 mm mop is also included in the kit.

Other elements of the kit include a double-ended all-purpose brush for cleaning tight areas inside the handgun. A long slotted tip and two brass cleaning rods are included, as well as a stack of 3-inch round cleaning patches and square patches. The patches feature the company's 360-degree design, allowing them to be used up to 6 times before discarding.

The suggested retail price on the Otis Technology Patriot Series Cleaning Kit is $19.99.


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