Essential Gear for the New Gun Owner

posted on February 2, 2021
cleaning gear

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Designed as a multi-purpose cleaner, when used on firearms Ballistol cleans and dissolves copper fouling as well as brass and zinc residue. Since it molecularly bonds to metals, it keeps your guns completely protected. Ballistol is also available in different sizes and types, including aerosol, liquid and wipes. MSRP: $25 to $80;

A must for your workbench, the Brownells Roll Pin Punch Kit includes seven of the most popular punches that are the only way to install/remove roll and/or spring pins. Each solid-steel punch contains long, parallel-ground points and a knurled exterior to provide ample purchase. MSRP: $45.99;

Otis Technology’s The Otis Elite Cleaning Kit includes virtually every component a shooter needs to maintain .17- to .50-caliber rifles and pistols, .410 bore and 12/10-gauge shotguns and even muzzleloaders. Three coated, memory-flex cables of varying lengths allow breech-to muzzle cleaning. It also includes assorted patches, brush, solvent, bore reflector and a tool for clearing jammed cases. MSRP: $149.99;

Measuring a generous 44x15 inches, unlike similar offerings the TekMat Stealth Ultra Rifle Gun Cleaning Mat is available in a color other than black, making it easier to find parts during routine cleaning and maintenance. Its smooth, non-marring, thermoplastic-polyurethane surface won’t absorb cleaning chemicals or scratch your firearms, while the Vulcanized rubber backing prevents unnecessary movement. MSRP: $29.99;


Rifle with suppressor and scope facing right
Rifle with suppressor and scope facing right

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