New Otis Technology Products for 2017

posted on January 19, 2017
Otis Technology is starting 2017 off with a host of new products, including two new cleaning kits as well as the official launch of the company's new line of biodegradeable cleaning chemicals.

The first of the company's new cleaning kits is called the Patriot Series and is designed to be a go-to essential maintenance kit at an affordable price. Each kit is tailored to work with one caliber or shotgun gauge and uses a new tool that works as a T-handle for pulling the cleaning cord and as a driver for the four bits included with the kit. Suggested retail prices for the Patriot Series starts at $19.99.

Otis is also launching the new Defender Series, originally designed for military troops. The kit is now being made available for hunters and shooters and includes all the tools needed for a complete firearms cleaning, including a Memory-Flex cable, bore brush, slotted tip and patches. The kit also features a Ripcord for a quick, one-pass cleaning solution. The Defender Series kit also includes an all-purpose brush and solid rod sections. Suggested retail prices for the Defender Series starts at $69.99 for one-caliber kits and $79.99 for two-caliber kits.

The company is also officially launching its new line of cleaning chemicals at SHOT Show 2017, detailed in this Shooting Illustrated story from September 2016. Otis' new line of cleaners is mostly biodegradeable and features platform-specific options for AR-style rifles, as well as targeted cleaners for copper and firearm surfaces. Other go-tos are included, such as grease, protectant, CLP and dry lube.

Finally, Otis introduced new all-purpose receiver brushes, two-pack bore brushes and three-packs of microfiber gun cloths. The company's new receiver brushes come with mil-spec Nylon bristles for everyday use on any surface, including wood, while phosphorous bronze and stainless steel-bristled brushes are available for cleaning off residue on metal surfaces.


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