Holster Review: Galco Fastrax Pac

posted on April 25, 2020

Long live the fanny pack! Words I never thought I’d say. You see, I’m old enough to remember when fanny packs were a thing and everyone wore them for a couple of fateful summers. The tactical gear business even hopped on board with concealed-carry versions. Unfortunately, a lot of them were introduced on the back end of the trend, so they never gained the traction they needed to succeed. And a lot of them weren’t very good.

Which is why I think it’s pretty gutsy that Galco brought out the Fastrax Pac at a time when this style of carry is far from popular. But it works. And here’s why.

Obviously we have not abandoned conventional appendix or strong-side carry, but a lot of folks are looking for a beltless carry option—whether it’s off-body or a belly band on body—when they go to the gym, for a run or walk, or just want to wear casual clothes. This is true for both men and women. So why not offer a fanny pack carry option that doesn’t look all 1990s?

The Galco Fastrax Pac starts with a 400-denier nylon packcloth body and neoprene front face for an updated athletic look instead of the old school pleather. The generous waist belt is fully adjustable and slightly stretchy for added comfort. In front, a small zippered pocket with paracord pull is ideal for stowing small items such as keys, phone and a thin wallet along with a spare magazine. It even has a media cable pass-through for your earphones.

But the magic happens in the large main pocket: the holster. Instead of conventional retention screws like you’d find in an IWB, this holster is adjustable to eight different settings with flathead screws that you can move around depending on what gun you are carrying. Adjustment instructions for different guns are included. For example, I carry a 9 mm Shield, which is adjustment B3. (This will make more sense when you see the Pac in action.) The gun fit snuggly inside the softly padded holster and slid easily in and out for draw and reholster.

Speaking of the draw, that is done by unzipping the pocket and then—here is where the design shines—pulling another chord with your support hand right by the zipper that pivots the gun up and out, so the grip is perfectly positioned for quick strong-hand access. After a little practice, I was able to open the top and draw in under a second—about the same time it takes to clear a cover garment and draw from strongside. Are you a lefty? No problem. The holster can be removed and flipped around for easy draw from either side.

Starting at $79.99 for the subcompact version, the Galco Fastrax Pac is a great choice for those times when conventional carry just isn’t an option.


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