First Look: Galco FasTrax PAC Elite Waist Pack Holster

posted on March 18, 2020

Galco recently introduced a full-grain leather version of their popular FasTrax PAC waist pack, the FasTrax PAC Elite. Designed to easily blend with casual modern clothing styles, the Elite waist pack discreetly carries a compact defensive handgun so that it is ready for action.

Unlike old-style waist packs, which require the user to dig deeply into the pack to draw the handgun, the FasTrax PAC Elite uses an innovative combination of a pivoting holster component and an external activation cord. This combination enables you to unzip the pack and quickly get your gun into action compared to other waist pack designs, and speed is something that is in short supply when your life is on the line.

As comfort is the key to all day carry, the FasTrax PAC Elite's back panel is made of Galco’s Comfort Cloth. This is a soft and breathable adaptive performance mesh that keeps the pack comfortable against your body,  maximizing your comfort, even when worn all day long.

The FasTrax's adjustable, stretchable, elasticized waist strap also helps make for easy carry, and uses a Nexus buckle for quick on-off capability. The pack’s contemporary full-grain leather body and front face also features a zippered pocket that carries everyday items such as your keys, wallet, phone or flashlight. Topping off the list of convenience features is a helpful pass-through device on the front pocket for use with earbud cords or other similar devices.

The versatile FasTrax easily adjusts to fit a wide range of handguns. The waist pack is able to fit a wide variety of pistols. From pocket .380 ACP pistols like the Ruger LCP to smaller sub-compact pistols like the Glock 43X, and small-frame revolvers, the pack will easily fit just about any popular compact or sub-compact defensive handgun.

The FasTrax is fully ambidextrous and also easily converts from right hand to left hand use, putting it at the top of the list for comfortable, convenient carry and speed into action in an increasingly casually-dressed world.

The Galco FasTrax PAC Elite is available in black, with an MSRP of $99 More information on this, and the other products that Galco offers is available at


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suppressor with sale details

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