First Look: Galco Coachella Holster Waistpack

A stylish, hand-crafted way to carry concealed.

posted on February 6, 2024
Galco Coachella Holster Waistpack

Galco Holsters is introducing the new Coachella Holster Waistpack, a stylish, safe and comfortable way to carry a compact semi-automatic pistol or small-frame revolver with complete discretion. Each Coachella is one-of-a-kind product with a unique inlaid gemstone cabochon as the centerpiece of the pack’s decorative exterior artwork. The gemstone itself measures approximately 1½ inches x 1¼ inches and varies from individual pack to individual pack, meaning your waistpack will be unique to you.

The Coachella uses a gun-specific hybrid Kydex/leather plate that snaps in and out of the pack’s dedicated gun pocket. A smaller, zippered pocket is positioned above and behind the main gun pocket. A third, open-top slot pocket rides behind the gun pocket against the wearer’s body.

The rigid Kydex holster pocket provides a fast draw and easy re-holstering while facilitating a full firing grip. The holster/plate may also be unsnapped and completely removed, allowing the pack to be used as a conventional general-purpose waistpack when you're not carrying a gun.

Constructed of soft black Vachetta full-grain, drum-dyed leather, the Coachella uses nickel-plated, solid-brass hardware for the  grommets, buckle, leather lacing beads and barrels.

Each Coachella Waistpack is individually made by hand, and may reflect custom nuances not seen in mass-product, manufactured goods. The pack is available in either one size which fits waists from 31 inches to 38 inches, and another size with fits waists from 40 to 46 inches, which should accommodate most gun carriers.

Coachella Waistpack Features

  • One-of-a-kind waistpack
  • Removable hybrid holster snaps into place
  • Gemstone cabochon unique to each waistpack
  • Separate gun compartment
  • Two accessory pockets
  • Nickel-plated solid brass hardware

Currently available for small-frame revolvers and the Glock 43 series, the Coachella has an MSRP of $575. For more information on this new waistpack or other products from Galco, please visit


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