Five Great Aftermarket Glock Triggers

Sometimes, even perfection could use a little help.

posted on January 14, 2023
Glock aftermarket triggers

While Glock triggers are some of the best factory striker-fired triggers on the market, sometimes you want something different. Maybe it’s a lighter pull weight than the standard 5-5.5-pound trigger, or perhaps you want a different geometry, such as a flat-face trigger. Whatever it is you want to change, there are plenty of Glock aftermarket trigger upgrades for you to choose from.

Here are five aftermarket triggers available for Glocks. Note: We will not comment on what effect swapping out the factory trigger for one of these might have on the firearm’s warranty. Check with Glock if you’re concerned about losing warranty coverage.

Apex Tactical TriggerApex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger for Glock

We normally associate drop-in triggers with the AR platform, but Apex – which happens to make AR drop-in triggers, too – created the Tactical Action Enhanced Trigger for Glock Generations 1-4 as a true drop-in replacement for the factory system. The only Glock frame it won’t work in is the narrow-body G42, but it should be good to go if you have a normal Glock frame. The trigger includes the trigger safety that works with Glock’s built-in safeties. Retail price: $104.50.

Killer Innovations Trigger ShoeKiller Innovations Velocity Glock Universal Gen 1-4 Trigger Shoe

If you’re looking for the same 5.5-pound pull weight as the original Glock trigger but want a slightly crisper uptake and break, in a variety of color options, the Killer Innovations Velocity Glock Universal Gen 1-4 Trigger Shoe might be a good choice. Like many Glock replacement triggers, this one only works on Gen 1-4 firearms. The Trigger Shoe is available in five vibrant colors plus grey and black options. Retail price, $115.89.

Overwatch Precision TAC TriggerOverwatch Precision TAC Trigger

The flat-faced Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger offers a different geometry from the standard Glock trigger and many of its replacements. It’s also a true drop-in trigger, making replacement simple and secure. However, this trigger only works in Gen3 and Gen4 larger frame Glocks. Pull weight is significantly lighter than the factory trigger at only 2.8 pounds. Each trigger shoe and trigger safety tab assembly is machined in the USA out of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy. Retail price, $135.

Zev Tech Fulcrum TriggerZev Technologies Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger Kits for Gen4 Glock

The most Glock-looking replacement trigger on the list, the Zev Technologies Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger Kits for Gen4 Glock use the same face curve geometry as the original but is different in other ways. First, it’s a lot lighter pull, at only 3.8 pounds, and features a quicker reset for follow-up shots, making it ideal for competition shooters. The trigger includes a preassembled trigger shoe, safety lever, and trigger bar. The base model is designed for Gen1-3 models, but a Gen4 option is available. Retail price, $250.

Timmy Alpha TriggerTimney Alpha Competition Trigger

One of the best-loved brands in the trigger biz, Timney’s entry into the Glock aftermarket world comes in two versions: one for Gen3-4 and one for Gen5. The Alpha Competition offers the flat-face geometry preferred by so many competitive shooters. At only 3 pounds of pull weight, this trigger breaks shots faster than the Glock OEM, allowing for quicker splits and better times. In true Timney tradition, it’s a pure drop-in assembly for super simple installation. Retail price, $158.99.


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