First Look: Retro AR-15 Grips from Ergo Products

Perfect for your next throwback AR build.

posted on August 18, 2023
Retro Ergo grips

Ergo Grips is bringing back two classic AR-15 aftermarket pistol grips, the Ergo Extreme Texture Rigid Grip and the Ergo Fox Bat AR Grip.

The Ergo Extreme Texture Rigid Grip is a throwback to the heyday of the Mk. 12 SPR (Special Purpose Receiver) which was oftentimes outfitted with these grips. The Mk. 12 SPR is a 5.56 NATO rifle built around an 18-inch, match-grade barrel optimized for the Black Hills Mk. 262 rifle cartridge. These rifles were used to great effect during the GWOT (Global War On Terror) to neutralize targets out to 800 meters, which was greater than the typical effective range of a soldier’s standard M4 carbine or M16 rifle. These days many AR-15 owners enjoy outfitting their rifles in a classic fashion and Ergo Grips intends for Mk. 12 fans to take advantage of the new availability of the Extreme Texture Rigid Grip. Aside from this, the Extreme Texture Rigid Grip grip is great for those with large hands as it is also larger and beefy.

The Ergo Grip Fox Bat AR Grip is another rigid grip meant for right-handed precision shooters, with a massive palm swell and exaggerated thumbshelf. With a nearly vertical grip angle, the Ergo Fox Bat AR Grip lends itself well to PRS, Benchrest or any other shooting discipline involving AR-15s and extreme precision.

In addition to the re-release of these two classic Ergo Grip AR-15 grips, the company is now selling their second generation Ergo O-Grip. The O-Grip is another specialized AR-15 grip meant for accuracy-oriented shooting disciplines. This circular grip can accept different grip bands, and its hollow cavity also doubles as a storage compartment. In addition to these new grips, the company is also selling a 4.5-ounce carbon-fiber handguard that acts as a barrel sleeve and a new modular M4 forward rail.

All Ergo Grip accessories are manufactured in the United States of America. To learn more about these new and throwback accessories or to see the company's existing product lineup, please visit the website at


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