First Look: Ergo Grips Left-Handed Foxbat AR Grip

Now southpaws can also get the benefits of a first-rate precision rifle grip.

posted on April 9, 2024
Foxbat grip

Ergo Grips is launching a left-handed version of the Foxbat “ Retro” grip. The Foxbat was originally crafted with right-handed shooters in mind and this classic grip is a staple found on precision rifles at ranges all over the country. This new left-handed variant means that every shooter can add the improved ergonomics enhancements and precision engineering to the rifle of their choice. 

The Foxbat Grip is a well-regarded choice for AR-pattern rifles that are built to push the limits of accuracy for that platform. This old-school rigid-plastic grip was crafted for precision shooting and became a legend at the range. The Foxbat is a well-regarded choice for precision rifle shooting, airgun competitions or any shooting sport where accuracy is paramount.

The Foxbat has a more vertical grip angle than most standard grips for AR pattern firearms and rifles with can use this style of grip. The grip is made from rigged Nylon 12 plastic for stability and strength, and the pronounced finger grooves and an exaggerated thumb shelf allow for a better grip on the rifle All this results in more control of gun before, during and after the trigger press, With the addition of this new left-handed version, the benefits of the Foxbat grip are now available for right and left-handed shooters who need a little more precision from their rifle of choice.

MSRP for the Foxbat left-handed grip is $59.99, and more information on this grip and other products offered by Ergo Grips is available at


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