First Look: Mission First Tactical Versatile IWB Holster

posted on October 26, 2018

You’re probably most-familiar with Mission First Tactical’s Minimalist buttstock for the AR-15. It’s light, feature-laden and becoming standard equipment on an increasing number of rifles. It’s a solid choice, not terribly expensive, and holds up to intense use. Mission First Tactical has applied the same no-nonsense approach to the company’s line of Boltaron holsters, introduced last year; and continues to expand the line with a new set of inside-the-waistband holsters ideal for concealed carry." MFT Vice President David Edelman said.

Edelman expanded on the development of the MFT IWB holster line, “We created these holsters for the shooter looking for a rugged, durable, precision fitting holster that is versatile and comfortable to wear in a variety of carry positions. It’s also great for shop owners as one holster can do it all. Laser scanning of the handguns translates to the creation of CAD files from which unneeded elements are eliminated, creating less wear and a smoother draw and reholstering."

These holsters are hand formed in our plant using Boltaron, a polymer offering superior fit and finish with greater wear, chemical and temperature resistance. Our goal, which we have met, is to provide hand finished holsters each meeting our exacting standards and we can do that with immediate delivery. Shooters may customize the retention and cant to their exact liking. Highest quality hardware provides lifetime service. Each unit includes our 1.5-inch belt clip, yet other hardware may be easily substituted. It is available boxed or bagged with eye catching displays," .

Features include:

  • Capable of switching between IWB, OWB and AIWB
  • Adjustable cant exceeding 15 degrees.
  • Ambidextrous hole patterns for right or left- handed carry
  • 5-inch Belt Clip
  • Quality Screws and Hardware
  • Molded, Trimmed, Assembled and Buffed by Hand
  • Laser CAD Design for Perfect Fit, Smoother Draw, Less Wear

Fits are currently available for a wide variety of popular concealed-carry handguns like the Glock G19, Smith & Wesson Shield, Springfield Armory XD-S, SIG Sauer P320, Ruger LCP and many more. MSRP is $49.99.


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