I Carry: Glock G19 Gen 4 in a Mission First Tactical IWB Holster

posted on June 29, 2018

Welcome to another episode of "I Carry," Shooting Illustrated's weekly video series covering the guns and gear needed to put together a potential everyday-carry kit. Today, we have a Glock Gen 4G19 9 mm in a Mission First Tactical inside-the-waistband holster. We also have a High Noon Holsters belt, a Streamlight ProTac flashlight, a CRKT folding knife and a PHLster Skeleton magazine carrier.

Glock Gen4 G19 (MSRP: $499)

Glock’s G19 has pretty much defined the concealed-carry pistol market, with a near-perfect blend of compact size, generous capacity and ease of operation. The Safe Action trigger helps guard against accidental discharge, and the striker-fired operation yields a uniform trigger pull that can be adjusted to fit if desired. This version, a fourth generation G19, has interchangeable backstraps to fit it to different hand sizes.

One of the advantages to choosing a popular option like the G19 is the wide variety of aftermarket accessories available to customize your pistol to your liking. This particular version has two upgraded components: XS Sights’ new F8 night sights have replaced the Glock factory dovetail protectors [ahem] I mean white-dot sights, and Magpul’s mag well extension helps facilitate faster reloads. With the G19, you can swap out the slide for one with a micro red dot mounting system, drop in a threaded barrel for a compensator or suppressor or replace the trigger with any number of aftermarket variants.

Dimensionally, the Gen4 is the same as the Gen1/2/3/5. Weight is still 24 ounces unloaded, overall length is 7.28 inches and the barrel remains 4 inches long. It should fit the overwhelming majority of holsters designed for previous versions, and the feel in the hand should be similar. Once you’ve got your G19 configured to your liking, it will perform exactly as expected. At the end of the day, it’s a G19, and it’s going to do G19 things. You know, work every time.

Mission First Tactical IWB Holster (MSRP: $49.99)

Mission First Tactical got into the holster game a few years ago, and started out primarily with outside the waistband variants. The company has expanded its line to include this inside the waistband version, which allows either traditional inside the waistband carry or appendix-style carry. Cant is adjustable from zero to fifteen degrees, and the included inch and a half pocket clip can be easily reversed to fit left-handed shooters. It even includes a contoured top to allow micro red dot equipped pistols to fit properly.

PHLster Skeleton Magazine Carrier (MSRP: $34.95)

PHLster’s magazine carrier offers a low ride height and a simple, single-snap belt loop attachment system. Engineered for double-stack 9 mm and .40 S&W magazines, it carries your reload tight to the body for maximum concealment while still keeping it close-at-hand. One tip, though: You might prefer to carry a slightly smaller magazine to prevent the longer magazine from poking you in the ribcage when seated. For example, use the fifteen round G19 mag instead of the 17-round G17 version.

High Noon Holsters Delta-R Tactical Belt (MSRP: $79.95)

Tying this gear together is a High Noon Holsters Delta-R tactical belt. Constructed of mil-spec nylon webbing with kydex reinforcement in the center, the Delta R belt features a quick-release buckle designed to stay fastened under all circumstances, yet open instantly when desired. Hook and loop adjustments mean the belt can be tailored to your waist depending on gear, and can be carried either over existing gear or threaded through like a traditional belt. One word of caution, though: the hardware is oversize, so look for pants like these Propper Kinetic pants that have large belt loops.

Streamlight ProTac 1L-AA Flashlight (MSRP: $68)

Streamlight’s ProTac 1L-1AA flashlight has an answer to the question often heard about lights that take exotic batteries: Not only does it run on a single CR123A battery, but it can also run on a single AA alkaline battery. With the CR123A, it puts out 350 lumens on high setting, running for 1.3 hours or 40 lumens on low, 14 hour run time. Using AA batteries, output is reduced to 150 lumens and 1.2 hour run time on high and 40 lumens on low, for seven and a half hours). Available settings are high, low and strobe, with Streamlight’s TEN-TAP programming allowing the user to choose from three different pre-programmed settings.

Columbia River Knife & Tool Prowess Knife (MSRP: $89.99)

New for 2018, the Ken Onion-designed Prowess from Columbia River Knife and Tool Company features a flipper-type opening mechanism, liner lock and combination straight/triple-point serration drop-point blade. Glass-reinforced nylon scales anchor the Prowess in the hand, while textured sections under the palm and thumb offer extra purchase. Constructed of AUS8 steel, the blade is 3.37 inches long, the knife is seven and three quarter inches long overall and weighs four and a half ounces.


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