First Look: Giantmouse ACE Brass Biblio Knife

Giantmouse is now offering its popular ACE Biblio knife with brass scales.

posted on February 17, 2022
knife with brass handles

Imagine going through an old tool chest in your grandfather's garage, and discovering an old brass tool - darkened with patina from age, but with polished areas where it was gripped over many years by calloused, honest working hands. This is a tool with character. Although it may look worn, upon closer inspection, you can see that it has been lovingly cared for over time. The whetstone sitting on the workbench attests to its still razor sharp blade. This is a tool that you are proud to become the custodian of, and use yourself for years to come, until it is discovered by one of your descendants one day.

The GiantMouse ACE Biblio was first introduced in 2018  with Green Canvas Micarta and Black G10 scales, and was soon followed by several other models. Now GiantMouse is releasing the best-selling ACE Biblio with solid brass scales. The Biblio is designed to be an all-around EDC folding knife and was named after a since-closed Brooklyn bar that the founding partners Jens Ansø, Jesper Voxnaes, and Jim Wirth first discussed creating GiantMouse knives.

This new version of the Biblio has solid brass scales and a Böhler M390 microclean stainless steel satin-finished blade. As with all versions of the Biblio, the Brass Biblio is manufactured in Maniago, Italy.

When using the Biblio you’ll notice how well it performs. The ergonomics are spot on, and the nicely thin ground blade makes short work of cutting chores. By choosing the flat saber grind on this knife, it provides a strong blade with a fine cutting edge that you’ll enjoy using for many years to come.

At 4.9 ounces, the Brass Biblio feels great in hand - a substantial tool that can tackle any cutting chore you are faced with, and one you'll be proud to hand down to future generations.


  • Blade Steel: Böhler M390 MICROCLEAN stainless steel, satin finish
  • Handle: Brass
  • Clip: Wire - Reversible
  • Liner: AISI 420 Hardened - Bead Blasted
  • Pivot Mechanism:  Ball bearings
  • Locking Mechanism:  Liner lock
  • Blade Length:  2.875 inches
  • Blade Thickness:  0.118 inches
  • Handle Length:  4 inches
  • Overall Length:  6.875 inches
  • Weight:  4.9 ounces
  • MSRP: $235

For more information on this knife as well as other products from GiantMouse is available at



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