First Look: CCI Mini-Mag .22 LR Segmented Hollow-Point Ammo

posted on March 18, 2018
From the start, the CCI Mini-Mag .22 LR was the company's initial ammo offering, and the round continues to be one of the most popular rimfire ammo options on the market for varmint hunters and even plinkers. Now, the company went back to the basics and redesigned the projectile in this rimfire cartridge to provide consumers with all-new CCI Mini-Mag .22 LR Segmented Hollow Point ammo.

In the design of the new Segmented Hollow Point projectile, CCI ammo engineers took all of the best elements from the company's classic Mini-Mag bullet design and enhanced the offering with a bullet designed to split into three distinct, equal-sized fragments upon impact. With this bullet design, varmints, pests and other small animals are taken quickly, since the round produces three separate, unique wound channels instead of just one.

Combined with the new technology and design used in this rimfire projectile, the CCI Mini-Mag .22 LR Segmented Hollow Point ammo is also loaded with a specially formulated powder that reduces fouling, ensuring that your rimfire firearm's action won't get gummed up with residue often associated with dirty rimfire cartridges.

The powder also produces a flat trajectory that enables shooters to get on target quickly and maximize their capabilities at extended ranges. Additionally, the profile of the bullet is designed to promote reliable feeding in any semi-auto firearm, and the company's CCI priming compound is made to provide consistent, reliable ignition in every round.

Each Mini-Mag Segmented Hollow Point projectile weighs 40 grains and produces a muzzle velocity of 1,235 feet per second, producing muzzle energy that measures 135 foot-pounds. At 100 yards, velocity measures 992 fps, which retains 87 foot-pounds of energy.

Each pack of CCI Mini-Mag .22 LR Segmented Hollow Point ammo contains 100 rounds, and the suggested retail price per pack is $9.95.


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