Remington Ammo Recall

Remington Ammo Recall

Three lots of .300 Win. Mag. Core-Lokt ammo are affected.

First Look: Speer Gold Dot G2 Ammunition for Pistol Caliber Carbines

One of the most popular defensive cartridges around is now optimized for PCCs.

Vista Outdoors Sporting Products Announces New Name

Will be spun off from the larger Vista Outdoor group.

First Look: True Velocity 5.56mm Composite Ammunition

Three different bullet weights will be available using True Velocity's composite case.

The Very Special .38 Special

Despite its advanced age, the quintessential revolver round has a lot going for it.

The Ammo Question

How much ammo should you carry on a regular basis? That's a darn good question...

Freedom Munitions .38 Special XDEF Ammunition

Revolver fans have a new option in their search for ammo.

Consider The Bullet

The bullet in a cartridge of defensive ammo has to do a lot of different things, and do them on-demand.

Ammo and Guns as Investments?

Save away ammo for a rainy day.

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