.22 LR CCI 32-grain Stinger (5-inch barrel)

posted on October 21, 2010

One of the best performing loads for .22 LR handguns of any barrel length is CCI's Stinger. The Stinger's case is a tad longer than a standard .22 LR case and pressures are high. The load may or may not work in your handgun. I've seen instances where Stinger cases split in some firearms. At any rate, this load will show moderate penetration and the bullets will expand even when fired from short-barreled handguns.

Shooting Results
Load IV (fps) PEN (inches) ED (inch) RW (grains)
.22 LR CCI 32-grain Stinger (5 inch barrel) 1,012 8 .36 32


pistol with smartphone
pistol with smartphone

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