First Look: CCI Clean-22 Ammo

posted on March 12, 2019
One of the downsides of .22 LR rimfire ammunition has long been the fouling and build-up associated with it, causing lead buildup in barrels and fouling to cake the insides of rimfire suppressors. For years, this was considered just a fact of life for rimfire shooters and required a certain level of cleaning and maintenance just to keep shooting in many situations. However, thanks to CCI's new Clean-22 ammunition, leading issues in both barrels and suppressors are reduced to more manageable levels.

Taking a cue from sister company Federal Premium, which introduced its cleaner, polymer-coated Syntech line of ammunition several years back, CCI coated the bullets in its new Clean-22 rounds with a specially developed polymer. This new, polymer-coated design is claimed to reduce lead and copper fouling inside barrels and reduces the same buildup in suppressors by as much as 80 percent. The added benefit of the special formula used in the CCI Clean-22 loads is that, as it greatly minimizes lead and copper fouling, it also doesn't leave behind any residue from the polymer coating.

In addition, the CCI Clean-22 load also features an optimized projectile geometry designed to enhance accuracy, providing users with improved round placement downrange. Additionally, the priming compound and powder charge in each cartridge is optimized for use in semi-automatic actions like the popular Ruger 10/22, ensuring that owners can keep their guns running reliably. Those using handguns and bolt-action rifles will also see enhanced performance from the rounds, as the CCI load is designed for use in all .22 LR-chambered firearms.

Two loads are available in the CCI Clean-22 lineup, one supersonic and one subsonic. Both loads are topped by 40-grain bullets, with the supersonic load clocking in at 1,235 fps at the muzzle and the subsonic load measuring 1,070 fps at the muzzle. To differentiate between the two options, the high-velocity, supersonic load features a red polymer coating while the subsonic features a blue polymer coating. Each pack of Clean-22 ships in quantities of 100 rounds, and the suggested retail price per pack is $9.95.


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