First Look: CAA MCK Gen3 Pistol Conversion Kit

CAA USA has released the third generation of its MCK pistol conversion kit.

posted on March 28, 2022
CAA MCK Gen3 kit

CAA USA designed and developed the well-known MCK/Micro Conversion Kit for a variety of different pistols. Now they are coming out with the third generation of the MCK, the MCK Gen3, which incorporates all the latest technologies and wish-list features from their customers.

MCK GEN3 Features

  • MCK “Car Wash System” cleaning system
  • Ability to use MCK with Micro Red Dot slide-mounted optic installed on a pistol
  • Ability to aim and shoot with the RMR while attached to slide inside the MCK
  • Adjustable Stabilizer height adjustability
  • Ambidextrous folding brace for right and left-handed shooters
  • New charging handle system
  • New easily removable front adaptor
  • Removable rear and front top Picatinny rails
  • Ability to use a larger 1.57 inch diameter suppressor on the pistol

One of the top items on the MCK wish list was a way to keep using the red dot optic that may be the top of your pistol and incorporating it into the conversion kit. The MCK GEN3 chassis not only allows a seamless and perfect fit with an optic-mounted pistol, but the user will not have to zero the optic when using it with the conversion kit. Simply insert, lock, and the user is ready, pistol-mounted optic and all the benefits of a stabilizer.

Another common concern from CAA’s customers was the fouling of the slide during operation and the need to remove the pistol for cleaning more often than desired. To address this need, CAA’s engineers and designers came up with the CAA “Car Wash System.” Using a process similar to drive-through car washes, the built-in pistol cleaning system has a brush/bristle system to clean the front of the slide during cycling, removing carbon build-up, without damaging the slide’s finish.

In addition to this, the new front adaptor now shields the internal parts of the MCK from any carbon build-up. Plus, the adaptor is easily removed for cleaning.

CAA’s left-hand customers found themselves out in the cold with previous models. Now, however, the stabilizer/stock on the MCK GEN3 is ambidextrous, and can fold either right or left. The gun can also be fired while folded for an immediate response to a surprise threat. In
addition to this MCK GEN3 stabilizer/stock adjusts in height, with two height options available: a lower position option for using when shooting with an RMR/slide-mounted optic, and an upper position when employing any type of red dot or optic on the top of the integrated Picatinny rail.

Additional new features found only on the MCK GEN3 include a new charging handle system that uses a backplate adaptor, thus negating the reliance on the slide serrations to cycle the handgun, removable rear and front top Picatinny rails that allow the user to better customize
their MCK GEN3 chassis along with an improved spare magazine holder that operates with a magazine catch and magazine release button.

MSRP for the MCK GEN3 starts at $349.00, and for more information on this item or other products from CAA, please visit


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