CAA Micro RONI and Non-NFA Micro RONI Stabilizers

posted on November 21, 2016
CAA is now shipping its Micro RONI pistol-to-carbine conversion kits to dealers for Glock G17, G19, G22, G23, G31 and G32 pistols.

“The RONIs have proven themselves to be one of the most innovative firearms accessories in recent times, and now the next generation RONI carbine conversion arrives with the Micro RONI series for Glock,” said Moshe Oz, founder and co-owner of CAA. “The RONI is a prime example of the evolution of firearms accessories and what CAA is capable of engineering and producing.”

The Micro RONI carbine conversion comes in two forms. One model features a folding stock and, with the inclusion of a Glock handgun, falls under the NFA short-barreled-rifle statute, requiring ATF approval and a $200 tax stamp. The other model, called the Micro RONI-STAB, features a stabilizing brace from SB Tactical and does not require ATF approval, allowing users to immediately mount their Glock handgun into a conversion kit to enhance accuracy. 

“The Micro RONI is by far the quickest and easiest conversion kit and can be converted in under two seconds! “ said Mikey Hartman, CEO of CAA. “It is also the most cost effective, by a huge margin, in the market today.”

The conversion kit installs with no gunsmithing required. Simply drop a handgun into the assembly and lock it in. Once the unit is locked together, users can take advantage of the gun's Picatinny rail to mount optics, lights or lasers. In addition, the Micro RONI features space to store a spare magazine in the front of the pistol. The added space also provides area for a support grip.

The Micro RONI stabilizers feature ambidextrous controls and an optional thumb rests on either the right- or left-hand side for increased recoil control. In addition, an optional integral flashlight is also available for the Glock G17 and G19. The light comes with an on/off control and tops out at 500 lumens of illumination. CAA Micro RONI stabilizers are available in desert tan, black and olive drab.

The Micro RONI-STAB retails at a suggested price of $395, while the Micro RONI SBR carbine conversion retails at a suggested price of $225.


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