Lipseys Glock 17

First Look: Lipsey’s Glock G17 Gen1

A throwback to when Glock pistols first reached our shores.

The History of the Glock G17

A revolution in firearm design that begat a revolution in self-defense.

First Shots: Glock P80 Pistol Released By Lipseys

Today on First Shots we’re taking a look at the “new” Glock P80, an exclusive product available from firearm distributor Lipsey’s.

First Look: Blackhawk RDS Holster

Blackhawk just released a red-dot-compatible version of its popular T-series holster.

First Look: Blackhawk T-Series Basketweave Holsters

Blackhawk expands its T-Series line of holsters to include two models with the familiar basketweave design.

Holster Review: Definitely Holly OWB

There are many small holster makers across America, and one unique option is Definitely Holly out of the Midwest.

DIY Glock Build: Introduction & Background

Before we dive into this Glock build, it's important to have an understanding of why we're discussing just such a build in the first place.

Portuguese Army Adopts Glock G17

Following multi-year testing, a coyote-tan model of the Glock G17 Gen 5 has been selected as the official sidearm of the Portuguese military.

Review: Bravo Concealment BCA 2.0 OWB & Mag Pouch

While IWB holsters are more popular for concealed carry, there are situations where an OWB holster fits better. For those scenarios, Bravo Concealment offers a Kydex package that's worth a look.

The Glock 17: Proper Fightin' Iron

Known 1911 aficionado Wiley Clapp give his take on the popular Glock 17 pistol and how it measures up as a piece of fightin' iron.

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