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Product Review: Slip2000 Carbon Killer Solvent

Product Review: Slip2000 Carbon Killer Solvent

As any firearm enthusiast knows, the only downside to shooting guns is cleaning them. Whether your goal is simply to clean your guns prior to heading home from the range, or removing carbon buildup that has settled into a firearm’s inner workings over time, Carbon Killer by Slip2000 can make the task much easier.

Designed to dissolve carbon on contact, it quickly breaks up the copper and lead fouling that accumulates in a firearm’s bore. Simply apply it to a bore brush or patch and apply as a typical bore solvent. However, this product is capable of so much more.

Carbon Killer truly shines when used to remove buildup from firearmsand related accessoriesthat have endured sustained fire over extended periodwe’re talking about caked-on, baked on buildup that, if it could, would shrug-off a carbon scraper with a disdain-laced chuckle. (Think MSRs and sound suppressors that have been pressed into extended service, such as a 1,500-round carbine course over a 5-day period at one of the nation’s many tactical-shooting institutions.)

In such cases, for guns subjected to infrequent cleanings, key components can be submersed in Slip2000 and soaked for 5 to 15 minutes and then wipe, brush or rinse as needed. Stubborn buildup may require repeating the process. For use with larger parts, soak the components for a few minutes before using a Carbon-killer-saturated brush or cloth to remove the buildup and/or fouling. Simply apply a light coating of gun oil on your firearm/component prior to reassembly.

In addition to being nonflammable, nonhazardous, nontoxic and biodegradable Carbon Killer can be reused for several months. A word of caution, though: Since this product’s purpose is for the cleaning of internal metal parts it should be considered extremely aggressive in nature and should not be used to clean the exterior of your gun, as it may damage and/or strip your gun’s finish. MSRP: $12.65 (4 ounces); slip2000.com.

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