Review: BHSS/RDIH Tactical Safety System for Glock Pistols

Add an extra layer of safety to your Glock pistol.

posted on December 22, 2023
Glock safety

Designed by Leon Hubert, a former FN designer and founder/owner of RDIH and BH Spring Solutions, the Tactical Safety System for Glock Pistols (TSSG) addresses a key concern that has plagued the platform from the time Glock’s began to be issued to law enforcement agencies—that being the problem of negligent discharge of the pistol caused by human error—despite the presence of its active and passive safety systems.

The TSSG adds an extra element of safety to the Glock in the form of a positive trigger lockout via an ambidextrous safety lever that replaces the pistol’s OEM striker-plate cover. When the manual safety is engaged, the trigger can still be actuated, but striker will not fall, even from the cocked position. Similarly, the gun can still be loaded/unloaded, and the slide can be cycled with the thumb safety in the up (or engaged) position. Only when the lever is actuated downward can the trigger be pressed, and the striker be permitted to fall. But, that’s not the only slight change to the pistol’s manual-of-arms.

A drop-in part, the TSSG installation process is identical to that of any other cover plate: Simply depress the striker-channel liner in order to relieve the spring tension that is holding the cover plate in place and replace the OEM cover plate with the TSSG.  

Installation tool
A tool helps hold the Glock’s extractor in place once the pistol’s striker has been removed.

In addition to offering the added peace-of-mind of a manual safety, fieldstripping a Glock with the Tactical Safety System for Glock Pistols (TSSG) doesn’t require the added potential safety hazard of pulling the trigger. Instead, one simply removes the magazine, tactilely and visually confirms the pistol is empty prior to locking the slide rearward. Next, use an edge of the enclosed disassembly tool or a small flat-blade screwdriver to depress the liner in order to relieve the spring tension holding the TSSG in place. Side the TSSG off while holding your thumb over the opening to keep the remaining internals, which are under varying degrees of spring tension, from going array. Now, remove the striker assembly and set it aside. Then, using the enclosed disassembly tool, insert the skinny portion of the shaft into the slide’s striker channel and rotate it counterclockwise to lock the extractor in place. Finally, place the pistol muzzle-first down on your workbench press the pistol’s slide slightly rearward forcing the slide out of battery while simultaneously pulling the frame’s disassembly levers to the rear. This will allow you to separate the slide from the frame and finish fieldstripping the pistol. But, more importantly, the abbreviated manual-at-arms associated with the TSSG not only avoids having to pull the Glock’s trigger, but also ensures the gun is devoid of ammunition prior to rendering it completely inert.

Glock selector
The safety switch installed on a Glock

When installed, the TSSG offers another optional element of safety in the form of a small padlock that can be affixed to the assembly. Such a redundant safety enables the Glock to be loaded, with a round chambered—with the safety levers in the engaged position—while simultaneously ensuring only authorized people can use the pistol. Such a feature adds an extra layer of security and peace-of-mind in the form of a positive lock-out device that may be especially beneficial in homes containing children, where the parents still wish to retain a handgun ready for defensive use—but with limited access.

For those Glock owners who wish to enhance their Glock with the added safety that a manual safety can provide, the BHSS/RDIH Tactical Safety System for Glock Pistols (TSSG) offers a simple and easy to make Glock-pattern pistols even better. MSRP: $99.95;


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