5 Add-Ons for Any Competition or Carry-Ready Glock

posted on August 20, 2018

One of the benefits of the ubiquitous Glock pistol platform is that there exists a wide selection of aftermarket components that enhance elements of this popular handgun. Owners can fine-tune every conceivable area on the pistol, from the interior working surfaces to the slide exterior to sights, triggers, magazine wells, optics and more. Here are five stand-out items on the market designed to enhance your competition- or carry-ready Glock:

Convert your Glock G19 to a long slide with the Brownells 19LS Slide F/S RMR Gen 3 Slide. Compatible with a G17 barrel, the added length creates a greater sight radius for improved accuracy with conventional iron sights. Wide serrations fore and aft offer ample purchase for chamber checks and malfunction clearances. There is even a pre-cut slot in the rear for an RMR-style optic. MSRP: $239.99

B. A plethora of accuracy- and reliability-enhancing features including 416R stainless steel construction, precision-cut 1:10 RH twist rifling with a muzzle crown, a fully supported chamber and an extended feed-ramp make the L2D Combat Match Grade barrel a must-have addition for a Glock. Eight barrel flutes aid heat dissipation, while flutes along the barrel hood reduce drag and repel debris. Suppressor-ready models are available. MSRP: $224.99

C. A drop-in replacement for the OEM polymer trigger, the Apex Tactical Specialties Action Enhancement Kit for Glock Pistols includes reliability-enhancing features such as a Gen 3 trigger bar, performance connector and safety plunger. All combine to provide a smoother-feeling trigger pull with less travel, minimal reset and that crisp, distinct break for which all shooters equally yearn. MSRP: $129.95

D. A high-visibility design combined with the low-light utility of tritium, Trijicon HD Night sights for Glocks feature a bright, easy-to-see yellow or orange front ring surrounding a tritium dot paired with a shallow, U-shaped rear aperture that draws the eye instinctively to the vibrantly colored front post. The addition of a flat surface on the rear assembly aids in one-handed malfunction clearance. MSRP: $165

E. Compatible with Gen3 and Gen4 frames, the one-piece, matte-black aluminum base of the Zev Technologies Pro Plus Universal Magwell is slightly more flared at the base than OEM frames to aid shooters in building proper muscle memory for faster reload speeds, without unwanted weight or bulk. A hole at the base interfaces with the frame’s lanyard channel, where a setscrew aids installation while enhancing retention. MSRP: $109


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