5 Performance-Enhancing M&P Products

posted on April 2, 2019

Looking to amp up your Smith & Wesson M&P pistol or enhance your carry kit? We scoured the industry for the latest and greatest products and accessories designed to enhance your M&P setup, ranging from all-new, improved components to a versatile holster that can be used in a range of carry scenarios. Check them all out here:

Offering essential improvement to your M&P’s OEM base pads, the flared, oversize design of Vickers’ Tactical Magazine Floor Plates by TangoDown provide essential purchase when you unexpectedly arrive in Malfunction Junction. Grooved non-slip scallops enhance purchase, should stubborn magazines refuse to drop free. They fit full-size 9 mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG magazines only, and colors include black or FDE. MSRP: $21.50 (per pack of five) tangodown.com

B. Machined from 17-4 stainless steel, Faxon Firearms’ Patriot Slide is available in six different configurations for full-size M&P pistols to offer consumers ergonomic and practical enhancements over factory slides—the most noticeable of which is a milled-cut designed to accept an assortment of today’s reflex-style red-dot sights and aftermarket Glock iron sights. Aggressive serrations adorn the rear of the slide, while others of a more-angular orientation span portions of the sides and the top. MSRP: $499.99 to $698.99 faxonfirearms.com

C. A drop-in replacement for the OEM polymer trigger, the Apex Tactical Specialties Action Enhancement Kit For M&P M2.0 includes performance-enhancing features such as a solid-body aluminum trigger, a 1/8-inch sear spring, a fully machined sear, a trigger-return spring and a striker-block kit. When installed, all parts combine to provide a smoother-feeling trigger pull with 30-percent less travel, minimal reset and a crisp, 5- to 5.5-pound trigger pull. MSRP: $154.95 apextactical.com

D. High-visibility design combined with the low-light utility of tritium, XS Sights’ F8 Night Sights for the Smith & Wesson M&P feature a bright, easy-to-see orange front ring surrounding a tritium dot paired with a shallow, U-shaped rear aperture (also containing a tritium dot) that draws the eye instinctively to the vibrantly colored front post. The addition of a flat surface on the rear assembly aids in one-handed malfunction clearance. MSRP: $142 xssights.com

E. The Bravo Concealment Adaptive OWB Holster can easily be configured for IWB use by reversing its adjustable 1.5-inch injection-molded belt loops. Its pancake-style design allows the handgun to be carried snugly against the body for maximum comfort for extended periods, while a built-in 10-percent cant promotes concealment under loose-fitting clothing. The body of each holster is curved to match the body’s natural contour, and all edges are beveled to lessen the likelihood of abrasion. MSRP: $42.49 bravoconcealment.com


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