First Look: Sentry Products Group Tuf Cloth

posted on May 28, 2020

Gun care, much like cleaning, is messy—but it’s essential to keep everything working properly. When it comes to maintenance products, cleaning implements and solvents, there's a wealth of information regarding proper cleaning tools and techniques for guns. However, when it comes to the importance of keeping guns properly oiled (especially ones designated for self-defense) the topic isn’t given the same degree of coverage.

Consisting of a 12X12-inch lint-free cloth, the Tuf-Cloth by Sentry Products Group replaces traditional harsh solvents, patches and wet, tacky oils with a dry, oil-free, alternative lubricant that bonds to a gun’s surface for better overall function and performance. It works by applying a micro-bonded, crystal shield that safeguards guns from friction, rust moisture and wear (including extreme conditions and environments) without attracting dust, dirt and debris. Best of all, it maintains its viscosity across a wide range of temperatures, meaning cold won’t cause it to thicken, and it won’t thin out in extreme heat.

Also, consider this: If you, like others, have your secured storage in an attic, basement, garage or other area subject to temperature variations, our enemy rust loves to attack those delicious metal surfaces of our receivers, barrels and other areas. Taking a few minutes to wipe down stored firearms a couple times a year helps to stave off the ravages of time and humidity - plus it gives you an opportunity to peer into the back of the safe and get a mental handle on the firearms you need to take out and exercise.

Available in either a resealable foil pouch or a mini-jar, the Tuf-Cloth is portable (makes the ideal addition for a daypack, rangebag or suitcase) and can be used hundreds of times. For less than $10, you can improve your firearm’s performance and reliability while providing it with uncompromising protection from unnecessary damage. MSRP: $9.99 (pouch);


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