First Look: JP Enterprises-Law Tactical Silent Captured Springs

posted on March 16, 2020

JP Enterprises recently introduced a new Law Tactical Series of Silent Captured Springs. The Silent Captured Spring is the first buffer spring substitution component certified by Law Tactical as compatible for use with their Gen 3 folding adapter. 

“Law Tactical takes the real-world use of their stock adapter very seriously,” said JP founder and head of product development, John Paul. “While some third-party adapters made use of the SCS possible with the Law adapter, nothing met their demanding function testing regimen until now.”

Developed by JP as a variant of their extremely popular Silent Captured Spring system, this buffer spring is fully compatible with Law Tactical’s Gen 3 folding stock adapter for AR-pattern firearms. The Silent Captured Spring combines simplicity of design and ease of use with new levels of durability and safety.

The Silent Captured Spring and original Law Tactical folding adapter both debuted in 2012 but were not truly compatible with each other due to differing design elements. Since then, the Law Tactical folder has become one of the premier devices of its type, allowing for ultra-compact storage and transportation for rifles and AR-type pistols. JP Enterprises and Law Tactical have teamed up to solve this issue, marrying two industry innovators in order to provide the superior buffering function of the Silent Captured Spring in combination with Law Tactical’s signature product.

The Law Tactical Series Silent Captured Springs are available for both small-frame AR-15 style firearms and large-frame, AR-10 platform firearms.The standard configuration will function in most rifles, and there are also heavy buffer models that are optimized for specialty use. Versions optimized for suppressors or short-barreled ARs are also available. In addition to this, a conversion kit to reconfigure existing Silent Captured Springs for use with the Law Tactical folder will soon be available.

For more information on the Silent Captured Spring System of components, visit For more on the Law Tactical folding stock adapter, visit


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