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First Look: Area 419 Maverick Recoil Suppression System

First Look: Area 419 Maverick Recoil Suppression System

Area 419 announced its new Maverick Recoil Suppression System in 2019, a modular precision rifle suppressor system built around the need for competition shooters to control recoil. This system continues Area 419’s lineup of precision rifles and components and is made of American 17-4 stainless and American Grade-5 titanium. The Maverick is the first of its kind and uses the patented Hellfire Self-Timing taper system to ensure appropriate timing and alignment of the modules.

“As competitors ourselves, we have always struggled with the compromise of performance and comfort that come with suppressors and brakes.” says Jon Addis, founder and owner of Area 419. “But when we had the idea for the Maverick, we knew we could build a system that didn’t compromise, changing the way competitors look at muzzle devices and control behind the rifle.”

The Maverick will be rolled out at the 2019 Precision Rifle Series finale, where it will be used by several competitors. The performance of the system has been verified with both objective testing with the use of high-speed cameras, precision sound meters, and shooter-perspective footage and also with subjective testing done by precision-rifle competitors who have verified the Maverick’s comfort and muzzle control.

The ability to configure the suppressor in two ways is what makes the Maverick stand out from the crowd. The suppressor can be configured for competitions with its 5.5-inch overall length that has a self-timing brake end cap. This setup provides muzzle control similar to the Area 419 Sidewinder muzzle brake. This setup will virtually eliminates the concussion common with muzzle brakes and will cut sound intensity relative to the shooter to the level of a bare-muzzle or slightly below.

The second configuration is set up for training and hunting. This longer, 8-inch system uses the Stage 2 module which allows a shooter to train or hunt at sound levels associated with traditional suppressors. This module is produced from 100-percent Grade-5 Titanium and is available in either 6.5mm or 30 caliber bores.

Both configurations will weigh the same, around 15 ounces, so you can change configurations with little to no shift in POI.

The patent-pending Maverick suppressor is in production with an expected release date of Jan. 1 2020, with initial shipments following soon afterwards. The Maverick system will consist of the Stage 1 suppressor with either Hellfire or Sidewinder mount, the Stage 2 module in either 6.5mm or .30-caliber and the Maverick muzzle brake. 

MSRP on the Maverick suppressor is $1,300, and more information is available at area419.com.

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