New for 2019: Gunwerks FireStarter Precision Rifle

posted on June 26, 2019

Gunwerks recently launched Skunkwerks, an internal research-and-development program to produce quarterly, limited-run rifle builds designed and created by the company's own in-house engineers and team members. These builds are custom-built to solve specific problems, and rather than hiding the results in a laboratory, Skunkwerks has opened it up for the world to see and enjoy.

The first installment of the SkunkWerks series of builds is the FireStarter, a competition-specific chassis rifle chambered in 6 mm Creedmoor. Ideal for Precision Rifle Series or National Rifle League style matches, the FireStarter comes with everything a new rifle shooter needs to jump into competitive shooting.

The FireStarter is the brainchild of Gunwerks Engineer Rex Ribelin, who assembled his rifle right before a competition, shot and gathered data on his rifle just before the match, and yet still earned 4th place out of 60 shooters.

“The FireStarter is a competition-ready, precision-rifle package that includes the whole kit and kaboodle needed to start shooting matches,” Ribelin said. “It’s got everything you need to get your feet wet, all in one, totally awesome package. It might not have everything, but it’s got enough. It is a package that won’t break the bank. It’ll allow you to ‘dabble’ in the competition scene and provide the biggest bang for your hard-earned buck.”

The FireStarter and upcoming Skunkwerks projects are extremely limited runs available for short periods of time. The suggested retail price on the Gunwerks FireStarter is $4,995. More information is available at


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