Hornady A-Tip Bullets Shine in PRS Competition

posted on December 12, 2019

Six of the top 10 spots in the Open Division of the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) points race were filled by competitors who shot Hornady A-Tip bullets at the PRS Finale on Nov. 15-17, 2019, in Finger, TN. They include Clay Blackketter, who finished in first place; David Preston, third; Jake Vibbert, fifth; Tate Streater, sixth; Jonathan Berry, ninth; and Robert Brantley, 10th.

The A-Tip was created for competitions just like the PRS, which tests competitors’ precision shooting ability over a variety of distances, wind conditions and shooting positions. The new bullet is the result of years of research and testing by the Hornady Ballistic Development Group, combined with advanced manufacturing processes and quality-control measures.

“We could talk all day long about what a breakthrough A-Tip is, but the performance of these six competitors has said it better than we ever could,” said Hornady Vice President Jason Hornady.

“They shoot … where I put them,” said Blackketter, who won the Open Division of the PRS Finale, as well as the overall points race. “They hit a home run, absolutely.”

Charles Roberts also shot A-Tip bullets to claim the Tactical Division title at the prestigious event, explaining, “I don’t want to even look at another bullet.”

He shot 168-grain ELD Match factory ammunition for the early season, resulting in four first-place finishes, but the PRS Finale was the first match that he shot .308 176 gr A-Tips. Roberts said he received 350 A-Tip bullets less than a month before the event. “After receiving them, I quickly tested five rounds at 700 yards. I shot a 3-inch group with zero load development,” he said. “I was hooked.”

Introduced in mid-2019, A-Tip bullets feature an aluminum tip that’s precision machined and longer than polymer tips. That moves the center of gravity and enhances in-flight stability, resulting in tighter groups and reduced drag variability. In addition, A-Tip bullets are sequentially packaged for the ultimate in consistent performance.


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