New for 2019: MasterPiece Arms BA PMR Competition Rifle

posted on February 13, 2019
Long-range rifle matches have taken off in recent years, with precision-rifle owners flocking to Precision Rifle Series events and other precision competitions designed to test the limits of both their skills as a shooter as well as the capability of their chosen platforms. Though top-level shooters can spend thousands upon thousands of dollars in perfecting a long-range rifle, the Production Class in PRS competition places a $2,000 price ceiling on rifle cost, keeping the competition accessible to more of today's shooters. The MasterPiece Arms BA PMR Competition Rifle is purpose-built to meet that price while still offering incredible value for competition use.

One of the core elements to the heightened precision and accuracy of the PMR Competition Rifle is the use of the company's MPA BA Ultra Lite Chassis system. Each chassis starts as a solid piece of 6061 aluminum, which is then precision-machined at the MasterPiece Arms facility. The chassis design itself incorporates a V-bedding system that allows rifle owners to glass-bed both the rifle action and a straight section of barrel.

Other features found in the company's Ultra Lite Chassis system includes an inclinometer incorporated into the chassis itself, giving users an idea of how level their rifle is before taking a shot or calculating ballistics. A thumb notch provides a proper rest point for a shooter's strong-side thumb, ensuring there's no slight shifting in the gun's point-of-aim during a trigger press. The notch also provides a reference point for exact placement every time, allowing shooters to remain perfectly consistent for every shot. A Picatinny rail located on the bottom edge of the chassis allows for the attachment of bipods, and a ledge just forward of the magazine well allows shooters to load the gun on a bag or barricade.

Each MasterPiece Arms BA PMR Competition Rifle is compatible with the R.A.T. System and includes an A2-style pistol grip compatible with all AR-style grips on the market. The rifle's action is topped with a 20-MOA optics rail. Comb height and length-of-pull are also adjustable for a custom, comfortable fit for any shooter. The gun is built on an MPA/Curtis short action paired with an X-Caliber 416R stainless-steel barrel, hand-lapped and treated with a polished finish. The chamber is indicated to within 0.0001 inch or less to the bore, and available caliber options are 6 mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win. Barrels measure 26 inches in length, have a No. 7 contour and include a 5/8-24 TPI threaded muzzle.

All AICS-style magazines are compatible with the rifle, and the gun comes equipped with a Trigger Tech Special trigger, complete with a factory-set trigger weight from 1-3 pounds, depending on consumer preference. The total weight of the gun is 11.5 pounds, and the length-of-pull is adjustable from 13.75 inches to 15 inches. Consumers will also notice a short, 60-degree bolt throw that allows clearance for an optic. The suggested retail price on the MasterPiece Arms BA PMR Competition Rifle is $1,999.99.


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