The December issue of Shooting Illustrated features Ruger’s new SR-556 Takedown.

posted on November 17, 2015

The December issue of Shooting Illustrated, on newsstands now, details the newest addition to Ruger’s SR-556 line. This latest version has takedown capability that adds rapid barrel changes and allows the carbine to fit into a backpack-size carry case (included with purchase along with three Magpul PMags). The SR-556 Takedown comes standard with a 5.56 NATO barrel, and a .300 BLK barrel is available as well. 

If you’ve been trying to decide between .300 BLK and 7.62x39 mm, we have a thorough look at each round in our December issue. Putting the two cartridges “bullet to bullet” yields an in-depth look at the strengths and weaknesses of each round, and offers a direct comparison for those who are undecided as to which .30-caliber option is best for their needs. 

The .300 BLK was originally designed for use in suppressed rifles, and we’ve seen sound suppressors slowly turn from a “want” into a “need” as more people realize the place they occupy as a piece of safety equipment. Bringing sound levels down to where they do not cause irreparable harm places the suppressor in the same basic safety device category as eye protection. Our rifle editor tested eight of the newest suppressors and dissects the function of each. 

If handguns are more a part of your defense than rifles, you’ll want to think about carrying two. While we make every effort to ensure reliable operation in our concealed-carry firearm, they are mechanical devices, and these items can fail. Carrying a backup sidearm helps safeguard against this failure, and provides other options you might not have considered. Read one case for carrying multiple arms and decide if it might be right for your protection plan. 

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